CASHBOX GROUP TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) LIMITED was established in 2016. In the second half of 2018, it has won the Pre-A round financing of tens of millions of RMB from well-known funds and a domestic listed game company. As for the founding team of the company, the members are mainly from famous Internet enterprises like Tencent, Baidu, Changyou and so on. Most members in the founding team are the pioneers engaged in oversea game publishing in China, as well as explorers carrying out oversea tool matrix and oversea traffic monetization, with nearly ten-year experience in content export field in China.

Currently, the company has formed the content export matrix including html5 casual games, short videos and funny pictures. It is cooperating with other content developers in China to create a more brilliant future.

At the same time, the affiliated QuickGame has become the largest quick game center all over the world, serving for approximately 30 million oversea users every day, with nearly 500 million active users each month.

As the largest html5 content matrix platform all over the world, currently it has become the leader of global html5 scenes traffic monetization. It is leading China’s content export channels and traffic channels to explore a brand-new blue ocean market in scene traffic monetization field.

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